Cayuga Mutual - Insurance Company

Does my homeonwer's insurance policy provide replacement cost coverage on my personal property?
In most circumstances Yes. Our homeowners packages provide replacement cost for affected items once they have been replaced. However some policies may be written on a "Actual Cash Value" form - we  strongly recommend you discuss this with your agent
Am I covered if my sump pump fails and water enters my basement through the sump hole?
Not necessarily. Sump and Sewer back-up coverage is not written into every policy. Please check with your agent to confirm if this covergae applies to you and want limits there may be.
If my home is broken into and jewellery is stolen am I covered.
In most situations Yes - however limits might apply. Our policies provide specific limits of coverage for certain items, such as jewellery, furs and coin collections in the event of a theft. We urge you to speak with your agent to discuss these limits and whether additional coverage through our" Personal Property Floater" is right for you.
If I own a small boat and motor do I have coverage through my Homeowners Policy?
Yes. Our Homeowners policy provides coverage of up to $1,000 for watercraft and equipment. However there are some restrictions regarding the perils of wind and/or hail. Be sure to discuss this with your agent.
If I convert an old school bus to use on the farm is it covered for damage?
Generally yes it would be, however the item must be specifically scheduled and used for farm operations only. Please contact an agent for additional information.
What should I do if one of my animals is killed by lightning?
It is important to notify us immediately should this occurr. We will give you additional information on the removal of the animal and the determination of the cause of death.
If my business suffers a loss I'm I covered for my loss of income?
In most cases coverage for business interruption is available. You should confirm with your agent what amount might be available and under what circumstances this coverage would apply.
What should I do if I'm injured in a car accident?
First seek the appropriate medical intention and then contact your agent as soon as possible for some time limits might apply. They will direct you to a qualified adjuster who help determine the proper course of action for you.
If my daughter receives her G1 license do I need to tell my agent?
Yes. Once your son or daughter has attained their G1 license they need to be added to the policy. There is no additional charge to add them to your policy.
When my son's drivers license class changes what should I do?
Once your child has graduated from either their G1 you need to speak with your agent so that the proper changes are noted on your policy.